Westmoreland Parish of Jamaica

Jamaica is divided into three administrative counties: Cornwall, Middlesex, and Surrel. The county of Cornwall is made up of five parishes, one of them being Westmoreland. Thirty-four percent of Jamaica's farmland is located in the Cornwall county, and 75 percent of farmers work on plots under two acres. These small farmers play a pivotal role in meeting the food security needs of the community, but there is a myriad of factors that could threaten food security, such as local politics, accessibility, tariffs, lack of ICT’s, socio-cultural trends, and governance. ICT’s, or Information and Communication Technologies, are increasingly important to agriculture. The adoption of ICT’s in agriculture is the key to increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the agricultural sectors. The Giving Tree Farms Foundation strives to provide these ICTs to these communities and educate the cultivators on producing crops more efficiently.