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Giving Tree Farms, a craft-cannabis farm located the Anderson Valley appellation of Mendocino County, created a cultivar with the goal of donating five percent of their profits to the Giving Tree Farms Foundation. Part of the Giving Tree Farms team is Ossie and Richard, both of who are originally from Orange Hill, Jamaica where they attended the Westmoreland Revival All Age School, the school Orange Hill OG's donation will be directly benefitting. Their donation will go toward the construction of a computer lab to be used by the school, students, staff, and surrounding community. With this in mind, they decided to name the cause-driven strain Orange Hill OG after the community they hope to improve and the future generations they strive to support.

The Agrarian Communities of Jamaica

Jamaica is divided into three administrative counties: Cornwall, Middlesex, and Surrel. The county of Cornwall is made up of five parishes, one of them being Westmoreland. Within these parishes, 34 percent of Jamaica's farmland is located in Cornwall county, and 75 percent of all farmers in Jamaica are working on plots under two acres. These small farmers play a pivotal role in meeting the food security needs of their community.

The "food security mosaic" of Jamaica is comprised of multifactorial influences, some of which could threaten food security, such as local politics, accessibility, tariffs, lack of ICTs, socio-cultural trends, climate change, and governance. Where the Giving Tree Farms Foundation can help out is by providing these farmers with cultivation education, ICTs that boost climate understanding and connect farmers with businesses, and instruction on how to use such technologies efficiently and accurately.

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